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Diploma in Body Therapy – Level One
BT 101

This is a full-time course and the training is intensive and geared to those wishing to get a head start in the Spa industry. The skills taught are highly commercial providing excellent opportunities for employment. This course covers following: Anatomy & Physiology, Body Exfoliation, Body Wrap, and Swedish Massage.

16 weeks      Syllabus


Diploma in Beauty Therapy – Level Two
BT 102

This is the obvious next step progression for you. At this level you will learn about Skin-Care, Eye Brow/Eye lash Tinting & Shaping, Manicure, Pedicure, and Body Waxing.

16 weeks      Syllabus

Diploma in Advanced Holistic Therapy – Level Three
AHT 103

You must have completed Levels 1& 2. Completion at this level will equip you with a complementary range of treatments within the beauty/holistic therapy industry. The following modules include: Indian Head & Neck, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy, and Reflexology.

14 weeks   


Ayurveda Diploma Programme and Certificate Courses

Our natural state of health is one of wellness. It is your thoughts and emotions that are responsible for your health. Ayurveda is a series of holistic practices that encompass yoga, meditation, massage, tinctures, detoxification & herbs that will correct the imbalances of both body and mind.

If you choose to pursue this programme as a diploma it is 12 weeks. If the courses are taken separately refer to the individual treatments below for duration time.

AB 101

This is a unique herbal oil massage. Each therapist works in complete synchrony with the other & the four hands feel like one.

4 weeks

AD 101

This course involves a full-body herbal paste that utilizes a unique Ayurvedic technique involving deep tissue stimulation.

2 weeks

Hasthabhyanga & Padabhyanga
H&P 101

The therapist will be train to use Ayurvedic herbal oils to energize areas of the palms, soles, ankles & wrist. It promotes healing of the entire body & releases tension of the hands & feet.

3 weeks

MK 101

A holistic facial which combines five ancient Ayurvedic Beauty Techniques. It results in glowing radiant skin & emotional balance.

4 weeks

Prana Breath Therapy
PBT 101

Therapists will be trained to use specific anti-allergy products to relieve congestion in the nasal cavity, head, & neck which would bring relief to allergy sufferers.

1 week

Shiro - Dhara
SD 101

Therapists will be taught the warm oil drip technique onto the 3RD eye area; that will soothe & harmonize the entire nervous system.

2 weeks






Advanced Holistic Therapy


Beauty Therapy

Body Therapy

Anatomy and Physiology

Aroma Hot Stone Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage

Facial Skin Care

Hand and Foot Reflex Therapy

Hand and Foot Reflexology Therapy

Manicure & Pedicure


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage & Indian Head and Neck

Waxing, Depilation, and Eyelash Tinting



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