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These packages are focused on loosening & expelling the toxins that have been stored in mind & body, negatively affecting health for the long-term. You will experience Ayurveda in the truest sense—as a holistic lifestyle. Each package begins and ends with pre/post treatments and can be tailored to your needs. For the ultimate in relaxation, health benefits, & maintenance of true inner & outer beauty, we suggest the following packages:

Inner & Outer Radiance Package

One step further & deeper with our combination of Abhyanga Massage & Mukhralepa Facial. This therapy enhances the immune system & balances the skin.
120 mins/$100

Health & Relaxation Package

A unique combination to deeply detoxify the body & relax the senses. It includes the Udvartana & Shirodhara therapy. The mind & body will relinquish all ties that bind them to depression, nervousness, sadness & fatigue.
120 mins/$80

Clarity & Energy Package

Relax and enjoy healing through the hands & feet while relieving immediate symptoms, clearing blockages, & providing relief. Treatment includes: Hasthabhyanga, Padabhyanga & Prana Breath.
90 mins/$65



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