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Make sure you look your best on your special day with our Spa Wedding Packages. All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Handsome Groom-To-Be

This package was designed to relax & invigorate your body and mind in anticipation of your life changing journey. Men's Mini Facial & Deep Tissue Massage.
1 hr 30 mins/$100

Grooms Men Party Package

This package offers a full body Swedish Massage, Hand & Foot Renewer that will alleviate tension and provide overall sense of well-being with many healthy benefits.
1 hr 30 mins/$105

Revitalizing Grooms Package

This Back Treatment & Foot Ritual will restore your overall energy by releasing aches and pains from your stressed back & tired feet.
1 hr/$50

Husband & Wife-To-Be Package

This luxurious and exotic Exfoliation & Aromatherapy treatment was created for you to reconnect and enhance your feelings of romance.
2 hrs/$220 per couple



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