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All prices quoted are in US dollars.

Balancing 5 Color Clay Mask Facial
(PHYTO 5 Signature Facial Treatment)

Vital energy is critical to health. This unique facial treatment is based on the principles of reflex zones of the face and color therapy to provide overall energetic balance. Essential oils are massaged into the skin and 5 specific colored clays are applied to each reflex zone of the face to balance the energy of the corresponding body organs. This harmonizing facial is best for combination skin. Energetic drainage can be incorporated for more intensive results.
90 mins/$70 

Balancing Facial-Energetic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is combined with an energy balancing treatment to deliver immediately visible results. Your skin will look more radiant. Longer lasting results can be achieved through a series of treatments.
75 mins/$80

5 Element Facial

Based on the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this treatment brings internal energy into balance by identifying which element - wood, fire, earth, metal, or water - closely relates to existing facial conditions. Enriched natural ingredients break up established patterns and slow the manifestations of problematic skin. Energetic drainage produces more intensive results.
60 mins/$60

Deep Cleansing Facial

Thoroughly detoxifies the skin of the harmful effects of pollution. Especially recommended for those in need of an intensive cleanse or as general maintenance for healthy, vital and radiant skin.
60 mins/$45



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