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All prices quoted are in US dollars.

Skin Care

A face treatment customized to address men's skin-care needs. You'll also receive a de-stressing massage of the face, neck, and shoulders combined with essential oils leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
60 mins/$40

The Smooth Edge Facial

This special treatment for men helps revitalize skin at the cellular level, effectively tightening and rejuvenating the skin. It will help balance most men's daily activities like shaving and exercise.
60 mins/$45

Athletic Massage

This massage is perfect for before or after any type of exercise. It is specifically designed to prevent muscle stiffness and to speed muscle recovery.
60 mins/$50

Foot Renewal

Revive tired feet with a refreshing aromatic foot soak and exfoliation. It also includes a mini hand and foot massage.
60 mins/$30


This package was designed specifically for men. Treat yourself to an hour Athletic Massage, followed by a body exfoliation treatment. In addition, a Smooth Edge Facial is combined to complete the experience with a pressure point hand therapy.
180 mins/$150





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